Wasgij Original

No. 1 'Sunday Driver's'

No.2 'Happy Holidays'

No.3 'Full Monty Fever'

No. 4 'A Day to Remember'

No.5 'Late Booking'

No.6 'Blooming Marvelous'

No. 7 'Bare Necessities'

No.8 'High Tide'

No.9 'Home Improvements'

No. 10 'Antiques Hunt'

No.11 'The Beauty Salon'

No.12 'Mouth of the River'

No. 13 'Calendar Gals'

No.14 'Football Madness'

No.15 'Run Like the Wind'

Wasgij Christmas

No. 1 'Special Delivery'

No.2 'True Love'

No.3 'Short Circuit'

No. 4 'White Christmas'

No.5 'The Warm Christmas Feeling'

No.6 'A Very Merry Christmas'

No.8 'Christmas Getaway'

No.9 'A Bright Christmas Night'

No. 7 'Christmas Stuffing'

Wasgij Destiny

No.2 'The Proposal'

No.3 'Sands of Time'

No. 1 'The Best Days of Our Lives'

No.5 'Time Travel'

No.6 'Child's Play'

No. 4 'Olympic Odyssey'

No.8 'High Season'

No.9 'Super Models'

No. 7 'Everything Must Go'