About Us
A. R. Veal Ltd. is a family run retail superstore that has been serving local businesses and the wider public for over 50 years.
This family owned business has been trading for over 50 years in Southampton. In 1987 the company opened it's purpose built superstore in Sholing, Southampton, where it welcomes customers from near and far.
Veals has become a shopping institution for many due to the sheer size and variety of products available. Our shelves are laden with Toys, Gifts, Toiletries, Stationery, Groceries, Textiles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Partyware, Cake Accessories, Artificial Flowers, Collecable Die-Cast, Seasonal goods and much, much more. It is not possible to list our entire range, in fact even we often do not know what we will be selling tomorrow!
We supply goods from manufacturers and producers in the UK as well as many goods imported from around the globe. Due to our capacity to buy clearance stocks from many major manufacturers and High Street stores our product range is always evolving.
Our reputation for value and customer satisfation is well founded and proudly maintained.
The Veal Family: From left Paul, Mark, Heather, and Steve, 2015
The story of A.R.Veals dates back to the 1950s, when Alan Veal, in his early 20s, set out as a barrow boy working in the city centre of Southampton. In a time of post-war rationing and austerity, food was still in short supply, so Alan would load his barrow with whatever fruit and veg was available at the wholesaler that day; apples, pears, tomatoes. Part of the business ritual was the friendly banter that took place between Alan and his customers - a trait still practiced by his three sons today. 
Behind every successful businessman, they say, there stands a great woman.  This was certianly true for Alan. In 1953, Alan married Heather and they had three sons; Stephen, Mark and Paul.  As well as running the family home, Heather was at Alan's side whenever another pair of hands were needed - whether at one of the four markets they worked, driving the lorry, or offering advice on the next 'must have' item - or offering emotional support as they struggled against the competition of other traders and the 'big boys' in the business.
By the late 50s however, Alan realised that he needed to change his style of business and find premises that offered greater opportunity for expansion. AR Veal moved to Netley Abbey, where it stayed for the next ten years. When greater expansion was needed to accompadate the wide range of discount goods now being sold, AR Veals relocated in 1966 to Portsmouth Road Sholing.  The large, empty building that they occupied was in need of decorating, so the family held a Painting Party to get the premises fit for business. 
In 1978, the Sholing warehouse was bought by the family, and after eight further years, a plan for expansion was approved.  The new warehouse was built across the road from the original premises and the original warehouse was demolished to provide a customer car park.
Alan with his barrow in 1951
In 2000, Alan sadly passed away leaving his wife Healther, and three sons, Steve, Mark and Paul to carry on the business that he had built. Now approaching its 50th Anniversary, AR Veals shares the same values that Alan instilled; low prices, customer satisfaction, excellent reputation, and a friendly shopping experience.  
"Whilst being a mammouth enterprise these days, Veal's has not lost the plot. The customer is still the focus of attention.  The Veal family has recognised that the sort of mutual confidence that existed in those days of the barrow can be and must be transferred to the larger scene. To see the business today is to see how successful the Veals have been in keeping their prioritises right."
(Memories of Southampton, 1999)
The Veal Family: From left, Paul, Steve, Heather, Alan and Mark